Retail Security

One simple detection can avoid retail loss. You need to have reliable parking lot security for your retail business to be safe. Check out how we safeguard your retail business through our trustworthy units. 
PSS On-Site offers commercial security cameras which have added an element of deterrence. Our strobe lights ensure the unit is visible at night from a distance. Our Standard-Unit features two of our highly secure cameras while our Pro-unit highlights four of our reliable camera systems, which makes the outsiders aware and prevents them from coming in. You can trust our advanced units to.

Improve security

Prohibit crimes

Reduce retail and commercial damage

Avoid robbery

Secure parking lot strengthens the prevention of retail theft

Commercial security in less than 30 minutes:
Our retail units are good to go in less than 30 minutes. They do not need traditional wires, electricity, generators, or Wi-Fi to be set up. Instead, they rely on connectivity from cellular data and can operate even when there is a power outage.

Portable and Compact:
Our commercial units are extremely compact and easily movable. It can fit in a parking stall, so no extra space is required to fit. Besides, it is easily movable to wherever you need protection.
Be it from the back of the store to the front or from the front of the store to the side alley; retail units never fail to meet your security requirement. 

Reasonable and Efficient:
You need to be able to secure your company’s assets with good security to prevent retail thefts without it hindering the company’s goals. Some security becomes overly expensive which might hinder the business’s goal of producing revenue.

PSS On-Site guarantees that the price of each unit is reasonable, and our clients get the most out of their investment. 

PSS On-Site is the Solution to Every Security Problem of Your Retail Site!

To get more information on how to get PSS On Site’s Retail Unit set up on your site, contact us today!

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