Property Management Security

It is easy to secure your large properties with the PSS On-Site Property Management Unit.

Protect Your Property

If you have large properties, it can be difficult to secure them from outsiders. Some people could just be passing your property, while others might be trespassing on it and might intend to harm your property. No matter what, PSS On-Site will keep you alert when anyone enters your property.

Record evidence of any incident

Secure property and equipment

Protect your business from liability

Avoid unwanted visitors and activities

Your remote property is safe with PSS On-Site’s Outdoor Security Camera System

Avoid Theft

In areas where electricity, internet, and law enforcement are not easily available, equipment theft, supplies theft, and agricultural theft are common issues. PSS On-Site Property Management Unit can secure large properties by creating a perimeter around them.

Monitors the property

With PSS On Site’s Property Management Unit, you will be able to watch conditions live and have remote control over your property. Our system uses solar batteries and cellular data over electricity and wifi to ensure access to recorded footage anytime from anywhere.

PSS On Site is the Solution to Every Security Problem of your Property!

To get more information on how to get PSS On Site’s Property Management Unit set up on your site, contact us today!

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