Housing Security

Having a well-rounded security system guarantees an increased property value, improved tenant satisfaction, and better appeal to your housing property.  We provide surveillance units to guard dumpsters, parking garages, entrances, and exits to ensure the safety of your property and everyone involved. 

Rapid, adaptable, and straightforward

Our Housing Unit does not require days to set up or any heavy construction to install. They are compact, require no wires or an internet connection, and can be ready to go in less than 30 minutes. 

Lower crimes

Prevent loitering

Safeguard vehicles

Reduce damage

Reduce damage

Stop illegal dumping

High-density housing security and parking lot safety

Safety is a priority

We know how maintaining a safe neighborhood can be a tricky business, especially when managing apartments. PSS On-Site Housing Unit helps decrease the crime rate with the added benefit of deterrence. Our high-resolution camera units detect human movements and catch trespassers in real-time. Our system is also equipped with an alarm system that will alert you to take action when outsiders enter your property. All these features ensure the security of your apartment unit so that you can go to bed worry-free knowing your possession is in safe hands. 

Protect against liability and lawsuits

We know incidents happen and it is important to protect yourself, and your assets and confirm the well-being of your tenants. PSS On-Site’s Housing Unit will act as hard evidence with its video footage. With high-quality video footage, law enforcement will be able to verify the actions of the suspects and take necessary steps to support your case. 

PSS On-Site is the Solution to Every Security Problem of Your Housing Property!

To get more information on how to get PSS On Site’s Housing Unit set up on your site, contact us today!

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