Education Security

PSS On-Site has all the necessary equipment that helps you protect your educational institution to ensure the safety of all the students and staff. 

Deploy our Live Security Cameras Across Campus

Our compact, mobile units can be deployed all over the campus to keep a close eye on students and staff. You can mount our system to your campus building or have us deliver our portable surveillance system to the location. With our Campus unit, you can view live real-time video footage no matter wherever you are in the world, have access to the footage till 2 weeks before the recorded date, and have mobile access to all the videos recorded.

Make Announcements for Emergencies

PSS On-Site Campus Unit is what you need to spread important updates within minutes across campus. You can use it for emergency alarms, alerts, or pre-recorded announcements. 

Secure your campus staff and students with PSS On-Site Education Unit

Campus Events Secured

If you have a big event coming up on campus, keep control of the situation by having some of our Campus Security Unit for the big day. Not only is it quick to set up, but they can be equipped with speakers and lights making them an all-in-one unit for any event.

Enhance Efficiency and Safety 

Leave it to us to ensure the security of all our students from parking lots to housing to classrooms, we have got your staff and students covered!

PSS On-Site is the Solution to Every Security Problem of your Educational Institution!

To get more information on how to get PSS On Site’s Educational Institution Unit set up on your site, contact us today!

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