Construction Security

Construction Site Security is our Specialty

With PSS On-Site, you will be able to protect and secure your work sites. Our Construction Security Units protect your property from trespassers, vandals, and thieves. 

Every year, the construction industry suffers the loss of millions of dollars worth of supplies and equipment. Acknowledging the risk of the Construction Industry, PSS On-Site has worked with its expert team to come up with advanced Security Units to deter thieves from job sites by capturing high-quality security videos, both at daytime and nighttime, offering high detect alarm systems and ongoing visible strobe lights so that your site stays protected no matter what.

Prevent thefts

Prevent loitering

Record testimony

Safeguard supplies and equipment

Monitor labor and releases

Jobsite and Equipment are now Secure

Generate Time Lapse:

In addition to recording the best quality video under any weather condition or any time of the day, our system can generate a time-lapse video to reveal the evolution of a series of events that might be invisible to the eye. Time-lapse videos can also be useful to advertise your construction business when you share them with your investors, buyers, potential clients, or owner. You can use the PSS On-Site Construction Unit as an effective marketing tool.

Manage workers and deliveries remotely:

When you access live-view on our system, you will be able to see an instant delivery being made, when the workers come in, or even if the job site is secure enough for the crew to get in. You could be in a completely different location or time zone; you would still receive an alert on your phone to see live what is going on at your construction property within seconds.

PSS On Site is the Solution to Every Security Problem of Your Construction Site!

To get more information on how to get PSS On Site’s Construction Unit set up on your site, contact us today!

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