Government Security

PSS On-Site Government Unit gives government projects across California the ability to monitor their facilities such as water treatment plans, schools, police stations, airports, courthouses, parks, fire departments, roadways, infrastructure, and many more. Our camera unit gives real-time video footage allowing government agencies to monitor projects easily. 

Our Government Unit offers a mix of high-resolution camera systems, centralized administration solutions, and broad access control systems proving to be the best solution to effective government surveillance. 

We guarantee deterrence in graffiti, wire cutting, trespassing, unauthorized shuns, and other criminal activities. 

Government Unit Offers:

Solar powered system

Real-Time Data

Recording evidence

Deterrence with highly visible strobe lights

Cloud-based secure data management

Live Streaming Access available 24/7

No electricity, wire, or Wi-Fi required

Why are we different from others?

Rapid deployment and relocation

Skilled product development team

Easy to customize

Reachable by all web-supported device

Alarm system and emergency alerts

Easy control and user-friendly interface

With PSS On Site, police can multiply their boots on the ground

Have a project in mind?

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