Infrastructure Security

Highly Advanced Infrastructure Security:
Are you worried that your remote infrastructure project has no internet connection or even electricity to enable a connection? PSS On Site trailer units are made advanced for environments where wires and Wi-Fi are not feasible.

Set a boundary:
It is challenging to protect large equipment in remote properties. It becomes highly impractical to build miles of fence around your remote property to safeguard your assets. If you want to secure your remote infrastructure, PSS On-Site can help you achieve maximum security with its Infrastructure Security Units. 
With PSS On-Site you will be able to set a virtual boundary in your remote location so that no outsider can come in without being caught.

Guard supplies and equipment

Control Jobsite remotely

Daunt vandals and thieves

Watch over your asset

Enhance operations control

Deploy Security Cameras Rapidly for Immediate Maximum Security

Operation Management Support:
We understand that you might not be able to be at your remote property to keep an eye on your assets, so we offer Infrastructure Security Unit to help you manage your job site by not only enabling you to keep an eye on who is at your site but help you investigate the present circumstances through our live view access so that you are timely updated and well informed.

Prevent Unwarranted Visitors:
We know a lot of infrastructure sites are remote and when things happen, law enforcement can be miles away. However, with equipment being so expensive, it becomes a hotspot for criminal activities such as theft and robbery. It is significant to recognize this and invest in security services that deter unwanted visitors and prevent loss in these remote areas. Infrastructure Security by PSS On-Site not only prevents unwanted visitors with its highly advanced strobe lights which ensures deterrence, but it offers alarm systems that catch criminals right in the act of illegal activities. 
Monitoring and Control:
It is not necessary to be physically present at your remote site to control labor. With our security cameras, you will be able to see what time the laborers come in and leave the site so that you are charged for the correct hours of labor. 

PSS On Site is the Solution to Every Security Problem of your Infrastructure Site!

To get more information on how to get PSS On Site’s Infrastructure Unit set up on your site, contact us today!

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