Monitoring Services


Live video monitoring is easy with PSS. Monitor your security footage or hire a team of professionals to do it for you.

Lower crimes

Prevent loitering

Reduce damage

Stop illegal dumping

Monitoring your live security cameras

You can access your live feeds anytime, anywhere, but who has time to watch security footage all day? Fortunately, our advanced surveillance software will alert you when activity is detected and requires your attention.

Set up custom security triggers.

Receive real-time notifications.

Get instant access to live footage.

A Team That Shares Your Priorities

Your own team of experienced surveillance professionals is ready to focus on what matters most to you. Whether you want them to monitor your parking lot or perimeter, this service is completely customizable.

Smart Analytics

Smarter security for safer operations

Our intelligent video analytics technology delivers high accuracy in the detection and classification of both people and vehicles, helping you understand what is happening on your site faster.

Object classification

Ability to recognize people and vehicles that are stationary or moving

Camera configuration tool

Set up your smart video analytics in minutes, configured with CCT without any additional licensing

Incident management

Capture data to classify and audit incidents involving vehicles and pedestrians

Behavior detection

Receive notifications to mitigate risks before events become critical situations

Occupancy counting

Receive alerts of the specified number of objects that have crossed directional beam

AI-Powered analytic behavior technology

Better protect your sites with Smart Analytics, delivering the intelligence needed to help your security teams quickly respond to critical events.

Classify specific objects on your site

PSS Smart Analytics is capable of classifying objects beyond people and vehicles, including motorcycles and bicycles.

Gain efficiencies

Proactively monitor the flow of traffic by automating tasks and alerts for better incident management

React faster

Use visual cues and notifications to reduce response times before events escalate into serious incidents

Keep sites running smoothly

Receive alerts on crowd flow to mitigate queues and foot traffic in retail stores and other commercial spaces

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