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Reliable, unmanned, 24/7 surveillance of high-incident areas, transportation routes, construction sites and critical infrastructure

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PSS Onsite Inc. is a Virtual Guard Company which offers professional Portable Surveillance Monitoring Services and management. Recognized by the state of California, SSPI endeavors to meet demands for and deliver quality service our clients can expect and deserve.


Effective, reliable security remains of paramount importance for electrical substations. Copper theft is a constant threat as substations are typically considered a soft target by materials thieves.


Vacant commercial properties might seem like areas that don’t need complete security solutions, but properties like these are prime targets for thieves, criminals, and vandals.

Shopping Centers

PSSONSITE will work with you to design, install and monitor a security system that is tailored to your specific property needs.

Construction Sites

PSSONSITE MSUs enable you to remotely view and monitor your projects from virtually anywhere.

Security Surveillance Solutions

PSSONSITE construction site security technology protects your jobsites in HD and can also include 4k construction cameras, live streaming video, and thermal image cameras. Our time-lapse construction site camera Mobile Surveillance Units allow you to view your property from virtually anywhere, using your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Our Video Surveillance products include:

Virtual Guard
Video Verified Alarm Systems
Mobile Surveillance Units
Time-lapse Construction Cameras
Construction Webcams
Remote Video Management
Energy Efficient Solar Solutions
Access Control


For sites where lighting is minimal outdoor thermal security cameras are ideal, because thermal cameras don’t require lighting. Thermal cameras could be a great addition to your daytime security cameras surveillance system.

Thermal imaging makes it possible to see threats otherwise invisible to the naked eye and can complement and complete any CCTV security system. Thermal cameras are the best option for monitoring difficult outdoor areas – further enhancing the capabilities of a camera system.

Perimeter surveillance is a challenge for standard security cameras because of the lighting required and the vast amount of area to be monitored. Using thermal imaging along with video analytics makes it possible to cover a large perimeter easily.


PSSONSITE is the pioneer and construction industry’s leader in outdoor video surveillance and construction site security cameras across the United States.


One of the latest innovations in the industry, Virtual Guard services combine the benefits of technology and a physical security guard presence.

Video Monitoring

PSSONSITE remote video monitoring caters to clients looking to have incident footage with real-time intervention.

Security System Design

PSSONSITE is committed to offering the best solution for all of our clients, and that means customization.

Time Lapse


Structured Cabling

As a structured cabling contractor, PSSONSITE designs and installs your cabling infrastructure with fully certified and warranteed voice and data cabling systems.

Riser Management

PSSONSITE is a sole-source provider for your IT infrastructure. We have over 25 years of riser management experience working with top-tier properties in the Southern California region.

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